Hi. I’m Rob.

I’m a senior integrated strategist with a strong background on digital and content.

I currently work at VCCP, who are a pretty good advertising agency in London.

Here's where else I've been.


What else?

I write Salmon Theory, a newsletter about philosophy and strategy. You should sign up.

I help with comms and events at Group Think. You should come and meet us.

I created a silly Twitter bot called Douchebag Strategist. You should check it out.

I also help out at SCA 2.0, INSEEC London and Sup de Pub. There’s no CTA here.



Let’s talk about you.

What’s up with you?

Need help with any projects?

Just want to grab a cup of tea?

I like projects and I love tea.

Let me know.

Or tweet me about it.

Or message me on LinkedIn.

It’s all good.