I'm Rob, a freelance strategist who loves big thoughts and simple words.

I've been doing digital, brand and content strategy for the last 7+ years, between Lisbon and London. I've worked with entertainment, FMCG, technology, tourism and fashion clients, focusing on research, strategic development, creative development, copywriting and performance reporting whenever needed. I'm a proud generalist.

I believe the biggest threat for modern strategists is sounding smart. We have more technology, solutions and jargon than ever before, which means if we know what's out there we can sound very smart with a client. But a strategist's job isn't to sound smart, it’s to capture a brand world and test it in the real world. To identify real problems instead of preaching solutions. To think in principles, not in process. To see strategy as a means, not an end. To turn a complex problem into a simple one. Simple ideas thrive in complex times.

I love writing and have done so for publications like The DrumThe Wall Blog and Thought Catalog. I’ve also been a mentor at SCA 2.0 and talked on digital effectiveness at INSEEC. I am a Partner at Group Think, where we want to develop the next generation of strategists through conversations. I love doing odd side projects like Douchebag Strategist (a Twitter bot and Messenger bot to help you sound smart in meetings) and Salmon Theory (a weekly newsletter on what the world’s philosophies can teach the world of strategy). I have a master’s degree in Marketing, completed in Lisbon in 2013. But mostly I learn by doing.

You can find me on places like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Otherwise, just email me. I'm part of the 0.0001% of people who like emails.