A few thoughts about personal devices

Recently I helped a friend with his master's degree thesis by talking a bit about the role of screens in my daily life. It made me realize a few things about my relationship with technology and personal devices I'm hoping will resonate with your perceptions too:

  • The iPhone can be your very best personal assistant;
  • To-do and note-taking apps help clear the mind and memory for more imaginative things;
  • A computer is a hard drive for our life;
  • Many of us no longer tolerate not having our content around all the time;
  • Web ubiquity is important, but it makes us more productive if we actually split tasks and content by offline context;
  • It's important to know when to say "no" to technology;
  • Screens are as much a barrier as an enabler to the world.

I'm not sure I can ever stop depending on technology to assist me on tasks my mind often can't handle (such as memorizing stuff to do, something I am terrible at). Nor do I want, by the way. I like to believe it makes me better this way.