Anxiety and happiness


This was written on January 10, 1776. Paine's purpose: to argue that American colonists should rise up against the British (Goodreads taught me that).

238 years later, I find it a great quote to kickstart the year. Different context, of course. But some needs just stay the same throughout History.

A few days back I read a fantastic article (in Portuguese) about why dogs might hold the key to happiness, because they honestly believe each moment they're in is the very best moment they could have right then and there. They live in the now and aren't nearly as anxious as we are.

But then again, anxiety is the core driver of progress. And it sure weren't dogs the ones to come up with calligraphy, the airplane, or computer programming.

A delicate balance, that between anxiety and happiness. But a necessary balance nonetheless.

The thing about true tests isn't that they cluster us around a personality type or another. It's that they help us harmoniously mix and match different personality types into one individual.

Thinking otherwise is a rather superficial understanding of what it means to be human.