Be a user

As a marketing or advertising professional, do you know where the best insights come from?

They come from what others already did, what we're sure will work because it did before, what we're copying from that case study we saw, what will most definitely impact every person and what we as real people experience in daily life.

How can you understand TV advertising if you don't watch TV?

How can you understand the live music experience if you're not in the crowd when it happens?

How can you develop your in-store experience if you never tried it as a regular customer?

How can you understand social platforms if you never took the time to use them yourself?

You can ask someone to try that new thing everyone's talking about and leave a report by your desk on monday, but then you'll have to trust that person's judgement. Or you can be a user yourself and find out what you love and hate about it. Only then will you better understand what your customer faces each time they use it as well, and how you can help.

... you're doing this for your customer, right?