Before we go into 2012...

... I'd like to leave you with a 12 step program to suck less. Yeah that's right, you suck (and so do I). Until we don't.

I stumbled into this in Ruan YiFeng's blog, so feel free to check the original article and then follow this simple program for the new year:

12 Steps To Sucking Less

  1. Try something (most people never even make it this far)
  2. Realize you suck
  3. Decide you want to get better
  4. Try again, realize you still suck
  5. Practice, suck a little less.
  6. Practice some more, suck a little less.
  7. Contemplate quitting. Don’t.
  8. Become tenacious. Try again. Suck a little less.
  9. Practice some more and watch everyone else go home
  10. Keep f***ing practicing. Suck a little less.
  11. Outlast everyone…become mediocre
  12. Repeat as necessary

Happy New Year!