The brand tone of action

One of the most important parts of working with social media is developing the so-called "brand tone of voice". What's that? Basically it's what helps us know what we can or can't say, and it's aided by a communication universe which helps us focus on what we're going to talk about.

I think it's time we take this one step further. It's time we start thinking in terms of a brand tone of action.

A brand tone of voice helps us answer three questions: what do we believe in? How do we communicate that? Why do we exist? A brand tone of action expands this last part and answers a far more important question: how do we prove it?

We live in wonderful times for communication. We have increasingly powerful instincts to know when things are solely made for profit, and when they are also made for purpose. Or as Gary Vee puts it, our bullshit alerts are getting better each day.

There are already some good examples of this. BMW, Samsung and Lego (because social also happens offline) are personal favorites. They are (for now) the exceptions of what could be an interesting next step in social. One which will depend on far more than just creating some posts, making 1) the community manager increasingly important in the overall strategic approach and 2) social more than a communication aftermath.

Not to mention it will separate the boys from the men in a world where everyone's a guru. Game on!


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