Core vs layers

We're halfway through 2012 and still people believe social media will save their business.

Let me tell you what will save your business: you doing proper business.

Find out what people want, create marketing-worthy products, market them, deliver excellent service, give me a reason to talk about it and come back and there you have it, your business will be quite safe.

Social media does play a part in this, of course, specially with the outbreak of social business theories which I find quite interesting.

Still, there's a difference between the core of your business and the layers of your business. While the core of your business is your culture, your values, your products, your management best practices and so on, all else is a set of layers which optimize that same core but never replace it. Including social media.

The twist is that while social media is not the core of our business, it should be fully aligned with it. This requires of course that social will only work if the core business works.

Which means all the social media presences in the world will not save you from the fact that your product does not deliver, your customer service makes me wait forever to solve a problem which according to you is my fault or your company overall does not represent what I believe in.