The cure for buzzwords

Buzzwords are everywhere. They're what enable us to code and decode complex language, making it understandable for ourselves and others. They're at the same time a system which only those in the industry understand. And that's supposed to be ok.

Personally, I don't think it's ok. I have a history of words I've learned to hate, so maybe it's quite the personal issue. But I like to think we shouldn't need buzzwords to explain our intentions and desires.

The best cure for all these buzzwords, I believe, comes from the right metaphor.

Some food for thought: the next time we think of a specific buzzword, let's picture a situation outside the working world, and inside our personal lives. After all, we don't "capitalize on personal email databases", we get in touch with friends. We don't "generate buzz about our opinion", we share our view of the world and listen to other people's view (sometimes). Nor do we "launch influencer programs to promote our personal brand" (well some douchebags do), we connect with those that inspire us and those we inspire.

Next time we go for the buzzword, let's consider this: if this were a personal thing, would I use this expression?

If not, it's clear which words we really should stop using right now.

Form follows function. But substance precedes form.