Curiosity as creative homework

I don't think it's a secret that I love AKQA's digital projects, but when you get the chance to read the words of the people behind the work, it all comes together as even more fascinating. And AKQA Executive Creative Director Pierre Lipton's perspective on the role of creatives sure hits the spot:

The unfortunate truth is it’s really, really hard to be a creative, and even harder to be a good one. I’ve sat in front of open spreadsheets of over 800 portfolios when trying to recruit. With the mass of people that are out there, there’s not a lot of really good ones; there really aren’t. It takes a lot of work to find those gems. I do love misfits. There are plenty of people out there that are not easily categorized; they might be kind of a developer and kind of an art director. While other agencies might turn them away, we accept them with open arms. The people that have the energy, the brains, and talent level will naturally be curious and learn multiple things.

Creativity wins awards. But curiosity makes the homework 99% of the juri rarely sees.