We don't give data enough credit

Greg Tseng, co-founder of Tagged, on mixing data and creativity from a growth hacking point of view:

Are you good with both sides of the brain? If you are only creative, you’ll never know how good your ideas are. If you only have an analytical mindset, then you’ll know precisely how bad your ideas are!

I got this from a year-old article on TechCrunch, but Greg's insight couldn't be truer today. Specially when the so-called creative industries are so filled with opinions which, at the end of the day, don't amount to anything except our own egos. That being said, opinions are like strategic objectives: essential to start something, but useless unless we can measure (and optimize) them.

A hard lesson that isn't learned by leaving reports to interns, juniors or merely those who have nothing better to do. We don't give data enough credit, when ultimately it's those numbers that will give credit to everything we will ever do.