Digital timeout

I'm quite sure I'm living a paradox as we speak.

On one hand, I work with digital media over 8 hours a day. It's what I do for a living.

On another hand, I'm going through a phase in which I'm working towards less (leisure) time spent with digital media.

Odd, right? I'm basically breaking the pattern that fuels meaning into the work I do, which is based on the fact that people are spending more time than ever on the Internet.

Except, I have been experimenting for quite some time now, and I've reached a conclusion: more time spent with your line of work doesn't mean you'll do it exponentially better. It just means you're overworking yourself and filling your head with an addiction.

Taking time to let your mind roam (yes, offline and out of the house), on the other hand, allows you to clear your head from what you do on a daily basis, refreshing your motivations and avoiding stress and saturation (not to mention you get to see your friends more often).

Turns out spending less time on the Internet is helping me better understand why people use it at all.