There's one thing that scares the hell out of marketers. And that is...

... there's no absolute right answer in the marketing world. I mean, of course there are tactics and processes and proven paths and case studies, but also often is that moment when you realize unconventional was actually the way to go. And probably it will never happen again that same way.

This is bad for many people who stick to what they know and call themselves experts. I think it's wonderful to test those who truly live and breathe what they do, and in the world of ideas and creativity and strategy and brands, you really have to live it in order to make a difference.

Living it implies, of course, you study and understand and speak your mind but also acknowledge there are other equally smart people who study and understand and are probably worth listening to as well.

In marketing, "right" answers are overrated and solutions can come out of nowhere. One important lesson I've learned so far: while "either/or" assures we retain focus, it also might just be a death by committee excuse to stop listening to other people's ideas.