Embrace other people's selfishness

Most people (including ourselves) are at some point driven by a selfish interest, which is not a bad thing to say. In fact, it's reality, so we better get used to it.

It's also a good idea to embrace if you work in marketing or design or some sort of creative communications area, because you realize you're working for the sake of someone else's selfishness. This is what people mean by a "consumer-centric" focus.

The best part of your consumer being selfish is that if you properly address his need, he will selfishly use what you give him to enhance his own position in life. This is why people buy luxury brands and prefer personalized sneakers and quote their favorite heroes. It's a way for them to say they are special by hijacking other people's idea to complete their own vision of themselves.

The digital revolution partly allowed this, because now more than ever we can use other people's ideas and with them build our own self into someone who shares useful things on Twitter, has the funniest jokes on Facebook or is connected to the right people on LinkedIn. And this is why hacker culture has gotten so mainstream.

I don't think of this as a loss or something you need to protect yourself from. In fact, if people are willing to selfishly steal and transform what you created for them, I'd actually say you've won.