Expectations, reality and obviousness

It's not a coincidence that the dichotomy of expectations/reality turned out to become a very successful meme, because it's a great reflex of our condition.

If expectations always turned out to be reality, we surely would reach a point where life wouldn't be worth living. Everything would be perfect. And perfect is not the ultimate point.

The point is maintaining a forward motion on things, but of course expectations set the bar. Ideally high. Luke Wroblewski has stated that a new trend in product design is what he calls "obviousness", which allows more universal accessibility to digital and physical objects.

Does it mean every product has obviousness? No. Does it mean every product someday will have obviousness? Probably not, because once a few select individuals and companies set a new bar for obviousness, what was obvious just a few moments ago suddenly just doesn't cut it any more. Hence the perpetual forward motion of things.

Sure, nothing is really obvious. Doesn't mean we shouldn't have obviousness as an objective, not only for product design but for everything we do.