Forget your goals, know your expectations first

I've previously written about the importance of having goals for your personal and professional life, by designing a plan which will help you achieve them and reach some sort of nirvana. Of course, most things are easier said than done, and what I may have failed to explicitely acknowledge is the importance of, before setting goals, truly knowing what you're really capable of doing. Nothing a good piece I saw on Psychology Today won't help fix:

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the details, then try to scale back your expectations. Even small steps toward a goal are better than no steps at all. For example, if you cannot get to the gym every day, try to get there at least once a week. After you add these new behaviors to your routines, you may find ways to increase your commitment to that goal later.

This applies both to people and brands, and it doesn't mean at all that goals aren't important. But what does it matter if you have an ambitious goal you truly can't achieve? Sometimes it's not really about the milestone you're accomplishing, it's about the journey you go through and the smile you carry in your face. And like it or not, some people enjoy sacrifice more than others to achieve what for some is an impossible goal.

Goals are important. So are plans. But first of all take your time and get to know yourself, know your (company and/or personal) brand, know what you're truly capable of doing and willing to do. Know your true expectations before knowing what the next step is. Focus on "why". Then and only then can you be a misfit about the way you'll fulfill it.