A freemium model for physical experiences

The thing about Facebook buying Oculus, a reflex of lateral thinking applied to their product strategy, is that suddenly the social graph can extend to new levels of social experiences.

I think this can go way beyond games. I'm definitely not talking about this:


I'm thinking more of a freemium model for physical experiences. Like having a free 15-minute walk in the Wall of China without even being there. Feeling what it's like to watch the Santorini Islands seaside. Or listening to an opera piece in Vienna's main venue. All through virtual reality, which acts as a sneak peek of what expects you if you actually go there.

Like what you see, hear, feel? Book the trip! Maybe your friends want to join you? Share the free trial with them on Facebook and let them have a go (if they have Oculus Rift).

Facebook can evolve as a platform that reflects our real life experiences to a platform that actually boosts more of them.