Frozen arguments

If you talk like a child, expect people to treat you like a child.

Not a lesson in sociology, of course, but rather a lesson in developing your true worth. It's sad when people reach a point when they realize they're good (enough) and therefore what they say and do is worthy enough to justify itself. No questions asked.

The problem is that "good enough" only works until you find someone better than yourself, and that always happens. Unless, of course, you're not looking, but in that case you're not benefiting a single thing: you're actually losing because you won't see the danger (or the learning) coming. Until it does.

There's a point in growing from child to adult. What the first has in ingenuity and playfulness, the second gains in maturity and experience. Both are important, yes, but it's the balance between actual knowledge and knowledge gaps (given the fact you're willing to learn) that truly makes a difference.

Your arguments are never truly ready for what's coming, so if you happen to freeze in time don't expect time (and others) to wait for you.