Generation misguided

Schools are great at selling themselves as your ultimate guide to a career, which is not entirely false because without higher education you're going to struggle to find the job you love or even find out what is it you love so that you can set a goal to work on that.

It's also not entirely true, because what ends up happening is not at all related to a guidance, but rather a passing of a certain amount of information which most definitely will serve us at some point. This has strong probability of resulting in: 1) misguided students; 2) uninterested students; 3) lousy future professionals.

This is why some times you just see someone working who would "actually like to try [insert other function or professional area]", a dangerous thing to say when so many people would give it all for that person's current position (perhaps to find out it's not exactly that they want, but still).

Such posture has terrible effects to the team, because you end up having a just-ok guy doing some work while thinking about what he would really like to do. On the other hand, put that guy also working on the other thing and you'll get someone who works on both but most likely excels at neither.

At some point, we all needed guidance (yes, even the ones who "pick themselves" were someday picked and learned from it to start making a difference). And school is failing that test.