Giving and getting

The biggest problem with social platforms nowadays is not what they offer. It's what people actually do with the features.

From the moment we can follow someone on Twitter and some weird unwritten etiquette says the other person should follow back, what was originally supposed to be an act of generosity has turned into a selfish one.

You probably have been followed at least once by someone who follows thousands of other people, and therefore also have thousands of followers (usually in the same proportion, what a coincidence).

On the other hand, if you follow more than 100 accounts on Twitter you know your timeline can get real messy, specially if you don't have organized lists. Therefore, either these mass following people have the best possible list segmentation, or...

... or they don't really care about you or ever read what you publish, because what they expect is that since they gave you something (a new follower), they are to get something in return (you follow them back). No questions asked. No commitment.

The point about giving and getting on the social web is not one of form. It's one of content. Don't give me a new follower. Give me a reason to actually want to follow you.

(hint: it's not about all the articles you read and tweet about)