Grasping that key insight

It's fun how so many people think the job of creatives is to sit around in a room and blurb some ideas they can think of until they hit jackpot.

Of course, this means that all you do depends on what you can think of, which makes people forget there's a strong "how" and "why" behind every creative process.

Understanding creativity is no easy task, which makes it all the more valuable. But contrary to what many people believe, I don't think it's all about the idea. I think it's all about the insight.

Let me stop all you "idea men" right there — it's not that ideas aren't important. But a good idea can be shot down if it's not sustained by a strong insight.

Where do insights come from? From observing and interpreting reality. Strategy is interpretation, and so is creativity.

Keep in mind that key insights come from understanding people, products and markets. Otherwise you'll have brilliant ideas who simply are in the wrong room.