Homework rules

When we're kids, homework sucks because when we leave school we don't want to think about school. We want to play.

When we're grown ups, homework sucks because now we're adults and shouldn't have to do more than we see fit for our jobs and lives. Alas, most of us suck as seeing what is fit for anything at all.

There's lots of jabber about innovation and creativity like they are magic concepts which we crave to understand but never truly make an effort to do so. Why bother? Leave that to the true creative types.


I recently read a great post on The Ad Contrarian about advertising's 5 biggest lies but couldn't help but add some of my thoughts (feel free to search for the big ass comment, I got a bit carried away). The first one? "We're all creative". But is it a lie?

You can see it in my comment at the link above, but I'll say it here as well: it's not that we're all creative or not, but I believe we all can be. Why focus on creativity as a static concept today when we can focus on what it may bring tomorrow? Or do you truly believe you're not going to get any better at anything else?

People want to learn, evolve and innovate, but they rarely do their homework to find out what is worth learning, what's happening, what's going to happen, how things work and who are the big shots in their industry. If you don't know Dan Wieden or Rei Inamoto or Jonah Lehrer (and many others), how can you hope to understand what creativity truly is? My take: it's above all a process of learning.

Learn to love homework. Learn to hate "I'm smart enough".