"I need a big idea"

Actually... you don't. Not according to Saatchi & Saatchi's CEO, Kevin Roberts:

The big idea is dead. There are no more big ideas. Creative leaders should go for getting lots and lots of small ideas out there. Stop beating yourself up searching for the one big idea. Get lots of ideas out there and then let the people you interact with feed those ideas and they will make it big.

It's a great, thought provoking read. "Big ideas" make us assume that our competition and our customers are just going to wait for our next campaign. They require huge investments, lots of planning and therefore make us slower in the way we communicate with people.

Well, no one's waiting. Your customers live in the now, which means in five minutes all may change. Breaking news become old news quicker than ever, and information no longer is scarce; attention is. Organizations and individuals must become increasingly flexible in shipping lots of small ideas and learning about them from their communities, which means relevance and insight are the fine lines between success and failure (Coca-Cola gets this well).

The future of advertising, according to Paul Adams, is about "many, lightweight interactions over time". I'm starting to think he's right.

[hat tip to Daniel Caeiro for sharing the article]