Infinity is out there

I found this image on I fucking love science, an awesome page I follow on Facebook, and it basically speaks for itself:

This, of course, is not just about the universe as one big concept; it’s about any small universes we come across or work in. Communication, astronomy, the fine arts, cooking, geology: it’s all infinite everywhere, and that’s why there are so few experts in the world.

Expertise (or mastery, as some eloquently put it) is what helps us truly make meaning of what we do. Infinity is out there, everywhere, and it just keeps getting bigger; expertise might just be the result of us making some sense of it.

There’s more to sushi than a piece of fish and rice, as Jiro has shown us. So perhaps everything we do has more to it than what we think we know. Facing infinity, we can but clip small fractions of what is real and what is true (for now).

If life is this journey everyone talks about, here come the bad news: you’ll never reach the finish line. Because there really isn’t any. Perhaps that’s what makes it so exciting. Facing infinity, how far can we really go?

Infinity is out there; clip it the very best you can.

Some will call that fulfillment.