Intentions vs impressions

With the increasing number of media available to marketers, brand experiences are becoming something both more compact and more fragile.

By having at your disposal TV, newspapers, radio, websites, banner ads, apps and communities to manage, among many others, there are more ways to create truly unique moments, but there's also a bigger risk of failure if you don't do it right.

This is why I have a problem with marketing news, particularly in Portugal. I see lots of information regarding what brands are going to do, what their new positioning is, how they're going to be doing something awesome in the next few months. Rarely do I see news about results of those same efforts.

In other words, there's a total focus on the intention of the brand manager, marketing director or CEO. And that should be fine, because intention is what counts.

Except the marketing world does not work that way. Intentions may show you want to do things right with your brand experience. But what the final consumer perceives of the real experience (and the actual results that come of it, i.e. sales or positive brand awareness) is what really counts, and that should be the focus of your press-releases. Of course this means you have to do something really compact, meaningful and news-worthy to earn the right to be talked about (both by your industry peers and by your target market).

As far as your target audience is concerned, intentions are worth nothing. Impressions, on the other hand, are gold.