Interests over people

If you had to choose just one, which would it be: your friends or your interests?

(Tricky, I know... U Mad?)

There's a very subtle change happening in social media as we speak. We're turning from the people-centered graph to a interest-centered graph, as Edward Boches highlights in a recent post, and that might just be a small revolution within the already ongoing revolution.

Let's face it... you love your interests. And you choose your friends based on them. So why choose between one or another?

In a few words... because your friends are not as interesting as you think you are. And social media platforms are adjusting to that.

The new Twitter is totally focused on discovery.

Quora wants to know which subjects make you a thought leader, not exactly who you connect with.

Facebook is making sharing your interests more frictionless than ever (if they're going to succeed will be the matter of another post).

Pinterest couldn't be clearer: pin what interests you.

I'm not labeling this as a trend because it's already happening, but the fact remains: in the social media landscape, it's not who you are that's important; it's what you're interested in.