It worked before

Patterns rule our lives because they help us create meaning. If something worked before, might as well give it a shot this time too and see how it works out.

The problem is when the utility of patterns blinds us from the fact there is always probability at stake. Call it karma, luck or whatever, but there's a reason that some things fail, and it's not necessarily about the lack of knowledge from those who were responsible.

We're so wired for patterns that we forget intangible factors play a very important part in the outcome of everything. That management set of skills which only worked for that company, that business model which could never work for anyone else, that concept which seems so easy and so obvious and yet it brought great results to that brand (but not for those who followed the same strategy before and after).

There's more to results than following the rules, of course. What can be truly puzzling is finding out that our best ally is actually something we can't control, but to which we must constantly adapt. (being "adapt" the keyword here)