Good learners are overrated

When applying for a job, everyone is the best candidate. Proactive, dynamic, organized, a good learner.

I say we have enough good learners for an entire lifetime. In fact, if being a good learner is our single best argument it could as well be the eliminating factor. Good learners belong in college, where we're taught to listen, replicate, emulate, comply with what is already accepted. We're extentions of the system.

This is why later in life everyone watches the same movies, listens to the same music, offers the same gifts, reads the same blogs and discusses the same things. We were good learners, so we carry on what came before us. With distinction.

Far more interesting is assuming that everyone is a teacher (including ourselves) and making sure our specific background and experience (or lack of it) can produce valuable lessons for everyone else.

Being a good learner means we expect something from someone else. Being a good teacher means we intend to give something first.


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