Looking back and forward (into social)

In nearly three years, so much has changed. I started working with social media back in 2009 and boy was it hard to even start talking with marketers about why Facebook or Twitter or YouTube mattered.

One year later (2010), the struggle re-focused on why was it important to post regular fresh content.

One year later (2011), we busted our asses explaining why it was so important to start mixing offline and online communication.

What happens next? I think the answer comes from these four key principles by the ever-insightful Paul Adams:

  • Bake social interaction into the campaign from the very start;
  • Know social interactions before thinking about creative ideas;
  • Avoid simply repurposing other channels to Facebook;
  • Focus on the story first, only later on the tools.

It's not rare to see the social media team members as being the last ones to know about campaign developments. My question: what would happen if they were among the first?