Marketing by mistake (or maybe not)

What is the most effective marketing claim you've ever heard?

"Just do it"?

"Think different"?

"I'm lovin' it"?

Of course, all terrific claims. But for me not the most effective ones, because Nike, Apple and McDonald's are notoriously resourceful in terms of marketing budgets. Therefore, they are indeed influent global brands but with a global brand budget to work with. I'm not here to judge what I truly believe to be genius brands, however.

The single most effective marketing claim, I recently realized, might as well be "oh my God". Think about it: you hear it a lot, you hear it all the time, it's profoundly emotional and on top of all people who say it sometimes don't actually believe it, they just say it because it's in their social context to say "oh my God" when something exciting or stressful occurs. It's so deep into our social behavior it's actually gone global over time and it's frequently passed on from generation to generation.

I'm not really sure this is marketing by mistake. In fact, because of this and many other factors, religion might as well be the best marketing case study of all time.