Media integration is a journey

Having a 360º communication plan is not the same as contributing to an integrated brand experience, because I as a customer don't care about billboards, banner ads, social media presences or TV advertisements. Not in the way the brand manager cares, at least.

What I as a customer may care about is how multiple touchpoints contribute to:

  • Little to no repetition
  • Little to no annoyance
  • Little to no clutter

This, of course, is a delicate balance, and no brand manager is going to run that ad just one time so that those who see it the first time never have to see it again. Repetition, as we know and as the books say, is a great memory tool.

What smart brand managers do is not repeat the same message across multiple media, but rather add a little something in the next format that didn't exist in the previous one. This way, we'll still have repetition, but we'll be closer to be less annoying and our experiences will be a lot less cluttered, which helps us complete a meaningful cycle (from the customer's point of view).

As it turns out, great memory sucks if you only remember a poorly designed experience.

That being said, good media integration is like travelling from medium to medium with quick flights without having our luggage left behind at the airport.