Network routines

All things happen for a reason, and I for one find it fascinating how seemingly unimportant events end up generating the most productive consequences. What can I tell you, the unpredictable actually thrills me, perhaps because I believe it's good training for upcoming times.

That being said, lately I have been thinking a lot about the power each one of us has in generating opportunities for ourselves and others. Or better yet, the way each one of us, given an opportunity, actually balances the pros and cons and generates a conclusion — which ideally turns into action.

What I'm arguing here is that opportunities may be the product of luck, but the way we seize them is not. That's actual work. And it's actual work which will eventually get you noticed, which ends up generating an increasing network effect.

Simply put, and as hard as it may come for many, success is not just what you do. It's who you know. And how who you know watches what you do. This, I'll admit, may be seen as a problem.

The solution: network outside of your routine until it becomes routine.