(Offline) social media

People who know me know I hate social media gurus and ninjas and mavens and wizards, but I don't hate them because they have silly titles and depend on them to prove their worth.

I hate them because they spend more time reading about social media than truly understanding its true effects on human relations, which by the way is not found on evangelist blogs. It's found by observing reality through your own lens.

Social media is a means to an end, not an end in itself. No one actually cares about how it's so right to thank each follower if you don't develop a true relationship in the end. In fact, it's far more important to feel comfortable enough to personally meet some people you have been talking to on Twitter than to actually read about how all that is possible.

Both for brands and people, social media must work as a driver for something. If you tweet so that you get more followers so that more people can see your tweets so that more people can follow you, you're doing it all wrong.

Try instead to actually say "hi" and establish bonds. Actually meet the people you find so fascinating on Twitter and make the personal exchange worthy. If you're so enthusiastic about social media, invest some time getting to be truly social — both on and offline.