On digital and physical books

I started reading more regularly on my Kindle iPhone app about a year ago, which made me both learn to appreciate its benefits and, most importantly, read more often and take notes as I please.

Long story short, while I love a good book, the Kindle app is my literary best friend. I can carry a bunch of books at the same time with no extra weight, which means any waiting time can be a brief reading time and thanks to the iPhone's incredible screen resolution I have a quite pleasing experience.

And yet, about the same time I also started to appreciate the beauty of the physical object, a gorgeous illustration on paper and the details of how a book smells and feels.

In fact, the more I read on my Kindle, the more I appreciate a good physical book. Which doesn't mean I'll stop buying digital books. Or some gorgeously designed physical ones, for that matter. (more on this later)

Few things are absolute "either/or" situations.