On tribes

You probably read Tribes by Seth Godin; if not, you really should.

It was probably one of the first business books I read, over two years ago, when I started working at Live Content. And it truly changed my life, for two reasons:

  1. It opened my eyes to a whole new universe of thinking;
  2. It showed me that, like it or not, we're all clustered in some sort of group or groups ("tribes"), and that is good.

Tribes are the main cause for the social media revolution as we know it (and as it will be in the near future). Because tribes are generated via common interests and deep human connections around those interests; social media just made it stupidly easy to find those like-minded people, listen to their ideas and exchange our own.

Two years of wonderful and awful experiences have taught me a lot, and one of the most important lessons was to develop your own way of viewing things. Tribes matter more than ever, and as Head of Community I've learned that, alongside strategists, community managers are truly the protagonists for all the positive changes we can deliver.

Community managers are not your interns. They are not copy/pasters for your content. They are not mere replicants of what a brand manager things he knows about communicating in social media. Hell, they're not even copywriters per se.

In a world of tribes, community managers are nothing short of tribe leaders.