Why we read about business

To be informed and inspired, of course. And to get to know what’s up.

But I believe we also read a lot because we’re scared. And we’re usually scared of the same things.

We’re scared of not knowing. Or at least of someone else knowing beforehand. We’re scared of letting trends go by. We’re scared of not being aligned with the status quo. Or not having business cases to talk about. We’re scared of being on our own with our own thoughts.

Then someone comes along and tells a story of someone who focused on doing a damn good job by not knowing about the case studies. By not doing a benchmark. By not comparing themselves to anything else, because categories are manipulable, fragile, ultimately useless.

By all means, we should read. A lot. But before we do so, we should think about it for a while. Will we read that article in order to have enough information to create something else, or will we read it because we’re scared of otherwise becoming less of a professional?