Seek the eccentrics

Absolutely stunning piece of brain picking by Sense Worldwide, a branding consultancy specializing in working with extreme consumers, via Co.Design:

We seek out these obsessives, maniacs and eccentrics because they can help us get to big, breakthrough ideas. Some of them can show us how mainstream consumers will behave in a few years. Some of them have extreme needs that no product on the market can meet--so they modify them, or make their own. Some of them reject a whole category. You can learn a lot about mobile phones by talking to a power user. You can learn even more by talking to somebody who’s deliberately never bought one.

This is big stuff, and can actually turn out to be quite dangerous. A brand which turns to the fringes risks neglecting the core of its market, because any idea that's perceived as too radical (in its specific context) may end up being totally rejected. On the other hand, embracing different perspectives release us from the vices of what we believe about common sense, making us evolve and therefore, if properly done, sparking evolution on all that surrounds us.

Freaks and geeks make the world uncomfortable because they refuse to abide by its rules. Turns out they also might be the normal people of tomorrow.