Since it's Friday and your campaign is ready...

... how about launching it? Bet your consumers will just love to enter the weekend knowing they can win more coupons or discounts or all sorts of prizes.


Actually, according to a report by VentureBeat, Fridays are killing off your campaigns. Why? Because everyone is focusing on that single day to launch their own. Some other relevant findings:

  • Days such as Tuesday seem to drive better results (because so few people focus on them to launch new campaigns, but this is quite variable);
  • Focus on less but better campaigns (duh, but still... how often do you see this rule broken?);
  • Size isn't everything in terms of end results;
  • Your work schedule is probably not the best time to launch your campaign.

This, of course, is not to be taken literally, because it always depends on your own context. But it's amazing how we often do things just because it's how they're done by our peers. Most marketers don't seem to know when their consumers are online, and so they base their decisions on their own reality and what they think is right (being "think", not "know" or "understand", the keyword here).

Yet another sign that good marketing is not about your latest gimmick. It's actually about knowing the people you want to communicate with and acting accordingly.