Slightly contrarian

I'm snatching the expression directly from the Ad Contrarian, but the fact is in so many ways I do feel like a true contrarian. And this sometimes makes me act recklessly, because us human beings seem to have difficulty to deal with more extreme emotions like anger, fear, nobility or a sense of higher purpose.

This is why I one day decided to take a step back and reflect on what being a contrarian is all about. Below are a few of my conclusions (feel free to add your take on the comments below).

Being a contrarian is about more than just being against something. It's about having a clear point of view and the right dosage of intensity to preach it. Note that I mean the right dosage. Not a specifically high dosage.

Being contrarian is also about having the guts to face authority. Note that this doesn't mean you can just light up your torch and burn a house to make your point.

It's no secret that people are afraid of new points of view by default, which means contrarians tend to have their share of haters. Who do they think they are, anyway?

The way I see it, being a good contrarian is actually about being a smart contrarian. Sure, let's face authority and fight for what we believe in, but know this involves a strategy.

And like in all strategies, there's a process.

And like in all processes, it takes time.

By all means, be a contrarian as well. But be a smart one while you're at it.