"Social" brands are kinda depressed

If you follow a brand on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms, you have seen this: they're always so cheery, so friendly, so full of exclamation marks and whoo hoos... they're just freaking perfectly fine.

Thing is... are they really? I wanna argue that 90% of brands on social media platforms are actually depressed. But how come? And how can a brand be depressed? Let me point out a few observations of what I see on a daily basis:

  1. They act as if everything is worth celebrating;
  2. They always end their intervention with a forced smile;
  3. If one were to ask, they would always answer "everything's fine";
  4. They talk like nothing is a problem;
  5. But when they feel more pressure than usual, they go nuts.

Or, in other words, they're just like that passive-agressive person you know who is just on the verge of having a major meltdown. They force themselves to talk much because everything is so great, and end up making fools of themselves; they're so stiff that one minor change in plans ends up being the end of the world (it IS 2012, so maybe you're right); they force themselves to smile because they want to make sure that you don't think there's something wrong with them, let alone ask anything about it.

Well, let me break the news: it's ok if you're not fine. It's ok if you have a problem. It's ok if you don't smile. Act natural (I know it can daunting), mingle, don't force yourself to do anything you don't want to do. If you're not in a good mood to talk, then don't; if you have some emotion blocking your usual self, let who you trust know about it (if you trust your community to talk about it, that will make your fucking day, believe me). Brands are no less human than the average person.

Just because you have a logo and shareholders and a certain market doesn't mean you have to be perfect. So don't act like it, it just sounds fake.