Social media is not obvious

More often than not, I hear people asking about the purpose of having a solid social media presence. More often than not, we as social media professionals tend to sigh before explaining what for us is already so obvious it shouldn't even need an explanation.

Well, that's just the wrong posture; I've learned that there's no such thing as "obvious". What's easy for one is hard for another, and different mindsets lead to different levels of "obviousness". Come tell me about the obvious relations between neutrinos and other subatomic particles and you'll find me as lost as I can be.

Nothing is obvious if you don't follow its developments and see examples of its happenings in loco. In the case of social media, it's not about the articles or technology, just pure sociology and human behavior (and the ability to notice). Something not as easy as it sounds if you spend 50 hours per week stuck in an office where Facebook is probably not even allowed (yes, this may be your client).

If social media were that obvious, most likely we'd all lose our jobs.