Some qualities I appreciate

Now and then we tend to judge other people and ourselves, to keep track of how things are going and — most importantly — what's wrong. It's also a good way to spot opportunities for improvement, even if most of the times we stick with the rant part and never truly go into the solutions part.

So, instead of focusing on the negative side of some personal traits (believe me, I have many in mind), today I thought I'd share some qualities I truly appreciate:

  • Knowing when you're wrong;
  • Knowing when you're right;
  • Being humble enough to realize you know nothing;
  • (Really) listening to the thoughts of someone you don't like;
  • Criticizing the work of someone you love;
  • Letting the most annoying person in the room finish his argument;
  • Always considering the consequences;
  • Always considering the reasons;
  • Intelligently mixing ambition with respect.

I'll admit, I don't think I even possess half of these qualities, but there's the thing. The best part of choosing a path is when you can really set your mind to reboot and have a chance to start all over.