Startup people

We live in a startup world, according to the news I read everyday on my favorite tech blogs. But there's one thing I rarely see articles about: startup people.

Keep in mind I'm not talking about the people who compose a startup, but rather the ones with startup mentality wherever they go. Be it a big company, a small company, a one-man company or a multinational group. Doesn't matter.

What matters is the work. The legacy, no matter how small, you leave behind. Those extra hours, those extra miles, the extra punishment for actually committing yourself to new things and getting shit done.

The uncontrollable desire to just do something new.




In case you didn't notice, you don't need to go to Silicon Valley to be a startup person. As far as I'm concerned, you can do it from right there, where you're sitting. Right now.

Starting something hurts, it's a fact (and no, I'm not talking about starting a company). And if you're not able to endure that pain, that's ok; this wasn't meant for you.