It has been my typical first world problem: life just keeps going faster and faster, and while some crave for the weekend, others (guilty) end up thinking, "holy f*ck, it's already wednesday / thursday / friday?". We need to learn when to stop. I know, I know, we're all so busy and full of projects and deadlines, but seriously consider stopping for a moment. I'm not saying you should all of a sudden turn into a lazy ass and delay all tasks for tomorrow or later, but consider taking one full hour (at least) for some random non-work related activity, such as watching a tv series, listening to some music or just doodling on a piece of paper.

There are two pieces of knowledge I'd like to highlight here, and I have learned them the hard way:

1) We need to learn the power of time off;

2) It's hard but worth it when you just stop doing whatever you're doing, even if just for two minutes.

Don't mistake productivity and passion with overworking, and start stopping more often.

No matter what.