The bossing paradox

Would you trust the tips of a bad project manager regarding the way you manage your projects? Or the instructions of a lazy delegator which insists on telling you you're not working hard enough? What about the irony of an angry person shouting that you should calm down?

The paradox of work culture shows us that more often than not people love bossing around about things they themselves do not master. So, the disorganized manager relies on your prioritizing abilities and the distracted co-worker later condemns that detail you missed.

Maybe that's why so many people want to be bosses: to avoid having to improve their faults at the expense of "having no time to deal with such details, because that's your job". This is the same boss you should respect for the way experience has made him the expert you some day hope to emulate in certain aspects. Expect deep down you know you don't.

It's easy to lay rules for others but not for ourselves.