The brand challenge

How brands love to challenge us. They provoke, they dare, they persist. They want us to be better and preferably better with them.

It all makes a lot of sense given the fact most of us actually want/need to be provoked. The problem: when we just don't feel a true purpose, a "soul" behind it all.

I recently saw the promotion of a Portuguese event for entrepreneurs, where the tagline was roughly translated to "Do you dare?". Do I dare what? To go to the event? To read your flyer? To change the world?

Perhaps all of the above. Thing is, I don't really know because they're not really telling me. They just want me to dare do... something.

Then we have Nike. Just do it. Write the future. Fight back. Make it count.

As daring as dare can be. And yet, we all know what it means, because when your co-founder tells you that "If you have a body, you are an athlete", there's really not much left to say. Just to do.

There's nothing wrong with brands challenging people to do more. But don't expect us to understand whatever vision you just had if you're not working to show us exactly what you mean. So, tell us what you mean. No excuses. Just do it.