The difference between worries and insights

This is just great:

All people possess the capacity for both worry and insight. People worry when, from a low state of mind, they make assumptions about the future and imagine what will happen if these assumptions prove accurate. Insights, on the other hand, do predict the future. Insights are the opposite of assumptions and, since they are the byproduct of an elevated level of consciousness, they feel free and uncomplicated. Insights are responsible for all of your productive decisions and actions.

I stumbled upon this thought, via Twitter, in Garret Kramer's blog, and it struck me as one of those pieces one must re-read to fully contemplate its meaning.

Most people tend to worry, while only some transform that feeling into truly productive insightful words, based on which further work may develop. In fact, I find it fascinating that while most marketers know in theory that all marketing campaigns assume there is a communication problem one must resolve, many are fearful of truly identifying it. Why? Because if you identify a problem in your work, that supposedly means you're not doing your job well.

Hardly, if you ask me. If your work were perfect, then you would have nothing else to add, which means you would ultimately not be needed at all. It's good there are problems to solve, and it's good you're the guy who's snatching which problems need solving. It's also good there are worries one must deal with (never get too comfortable), but the real value comes when you stop dealing with worries and focus your line of thought on that insight that turns a "just ok" idea into a Gold Lion.

Worries come from one's assumptions regarding life, and reflect a problem. Insights come from one's verification, and are the beginning of the solution.