The pipeline of your mind

Too often those who disregard the value of information need it the most. Perhaps that's why when the context demands, these same people tend to overstress to get hold of all those precious details about how something is done or what is that new feature Facebook just launched.

Our life — specially our professional life — works like a pipeline, where you have an input which eventually will generate an output. In business, for instance this means for every briefing (input) one most produce a solution (output), considering a specific deadline and budget. What about regarding your mind?

Knowledge is power. Therefore, lack of knowlegde means you lose the ability not only to argue and debate what truly needs arguing and debating, but also to grow as a person and better help your clients and colleagues along the way. Your mind works just like a factory: what comes in most generate something which eventually comes out, i.e., the information you consume will serve a purpose. Not now, not today, maybe not in the next 10 years. But eventually it will. Because when you consume information you're letting yourself know how the world is doing and what's the plan for upcoming times, and boy is that important in an everchanging landscape.

And still, it's those who disregard the power of information who complain the most about their inability to provide solutions (or, as they say, to "be creative").