The point of ad blogs

I'm the occasional ad blog reader. I have a few in my RSS feeds, where I know I'll have at least 2 or 3 good daily examples of brand advertising done right, regardless of the platform (although I do prefer the digital stunts).

Ad blogs, like many others, live to show us what's being done in the world, what's worth noting and ultimately what's worth using as a reference. As a reference, not as an example of what we should do as well.

"We should do something like this" is one of those dangerous proposals where you quickly limit yourself to do something... well, like someone else already did.

Doing something like [insert case study] is not the way to do creative work. Using [insert case study] as an example of what's possible to do, reflecting what we can use for our own context and then — wait for it, here's the juice — adding our own ideas to that new possibility is more close to it.

Please note, there are no real rules to creativity — paradoxically, there are no real constraints either. There are perhaps guidelines (I try to make some sense of them now and then), but "look, here's a great example of what we should do as well" is certainly not one of them.

Yes, everything is a remix. But it doesn't count if you copy/paste the previous guy's playlist and then add your name.