The ROI of your time

If you don't plan your day, your agenda is probably going to be run by someone else.

If you do plan your day, you're often mistaken for a control freak. (I fit in this group, by the way)

As humans, we don't plan ahead just because we have some weird obsession. We plan ahead because we're working and hoping that a plan unfolds and is accomplished on schedule (and, depending on the cases, on budget).

When taken to a more personal level, this is called the ROI of your time.

It's not a new idea, but as it turns out it doesn't seem to be common sense either. And it's a simple concept: given the fact that our lives are going to end eventually, you should develop a schedule to maintain if you want to make a difference.

The ROI of your time is precisely how you calculate you'll make your time worth for your job, your life or even your holidays, which means wasted time (time spent doing nothing or just going with the flow) is actually time not well spent.

I don't think it's about control freaks. I think it's about having a vision and working relentlessly towards it.